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September 2021 Projects

Large Insulation Project, Huddersfield

Removal of loose fill / pipe lagging as detailed below prior to area specific demolition of the site and full refurbishment throughout the remainder of the property.

There were a number of challenges with this project not withstanding both the GF and 1st Floor enclosures being removed simultaneously to ensure no contamination as the pipework ran vertically within the fabric of the stone walls.

On completion of the works, our client Richard Barker of Barker Construction Ltd was extremely happy and on completion of the works he said that “Chirmarn Ltd provided an excellent service, with great communication with the Management and Site Team during the 6-week project and was delighted with that they could now continue with the 2 year rebuild and refurbishment project with piece of mind.

  • For the removal and disposal of loose fill packing to various areas under the floorboards and walls under fully controlled conditions to 11 enclosures throughout the property
  • For the removal and disposal of Pipe Lagging & Debris / AC Roof Sheets to Stable Block under fully controlled conditions
  • For the removal and disposal of Asbestos Insulation Residue to wall in the Boiler Room using the quilling blasting method under fully controlled conditions

Major Land remediation project in Doncaster.

Removal of both fibrous and bonded ACMs from this large-scale land remediation site for one of our prestigious clients.

The removals were fully notified and carried out under semi controlled conditions with and extensive back up of analytical works to prove methodology. Chirmarn instructed air monitoring to be carried out the pre commencement stage of our works to establish the fibre levels of the site. These fibre levels were very low.

Personal monitoring background and adjacent air monitoring were carried out at the start of the work and during the removals proving the methodology selected within our Contract Managers Plan of Work was fit for purpose. All fibre level readings came back well lower than the control limit.

Soil samples were taken after our works were completed; they came back negative. This also backed up our methodology.

These works have assisted our client to keep on track with their development of the land

Tarmac Site – Asbestos Sprayed Coating

Large scale Re roofing works to the Tarmac site in Buxton. Asbestos sprayed coating present to the underside of the roof.

Removals of the Sprayed insulation residues to the high-level walls, rainwater guttering and roof structure to the eaves area under fully controlled conditions including a fine clean of the steels and supports.

A full decontamination carried out, and the encapsulation using a specified sealant.

Full Licensed Scaffolding Bird cage for access.