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Asbestos Removal Service: Why do you need it?

Most people have heard of asbestos, and that heavy exposure can lead to serious health problems. Its ban from the UK in 1999 and the controversy surrounding it means the demand for an asbestos removal service is still high. We’re more educated than ever on the effect of asbestos fibres on people’s health, so assessing its presence in a building and handling it correctly is a legal requirement. But does all asbestos need to be removed from the premises, and if so, why is it best left to professionals?

A survey to assess the presence of asbestos

The good news is that any building refurbished or constructed after 2000 will be asbestos free. The bad news is that any premises built before this date could contain asbestos because it was so commonly used throughout the construction industry. So if you’re the owner of a non-domestic property or in charge of its maintenance, you’ll need to have the building surveyed to determine whether any asbestos has been used or requires repair. Asbestos becomes dangerous when its disturbed and micro-particles are released into the air. When these are breathed in regularly over a continual period, it can lead to the onset of serious (and often fatal) respiratory diseases such as pulmonary thickening, mesothelioma and asbestosis. This is why checking the condition of the asbestos is so essential, because any sign of damage will affect how it’s dealt with.

The best course of action

If asbestos has been found in a non-domestic property after being surveyed, the owner will need to inform others who could potentially disturb it, such as building contractors. Likewise, suppose you own a domestic property and suspect it contains asbestos. In that case, you’ll need to inform any builders or maintenance workers to reduce the risk of disturbing ACMs (asbestos-containing materials). Because of the health risks that the fibres pose, the HSE strongly advises using trained professionals to repair and remove any materials containing asbestos. Fully licensed experts can offer advice on the best course of action by considering all legal requirements and the condition of the asbestos. In some instances, removal will be the recommended service, but other options may be a safer alternative, all of which will be discussed with you in detail.

Is an asbestos removal service the best course of action?

Because of the hazards associated with asbestos that has been damaged or disturbed, it’s always best to speak to a certified business that is well acquainted with the necessary legalities and safety regulations. Once a survey and assessment have taken place, they’ll be able to advise on whether you need an asbestos removal service or if the material can be treated instead. In some cases, coating the ACMs with a method called asbestos encapsulation is a better solution because it’s quicker, more cost-effective and less destructive. In addition, it works by stopping fibres from escaping into the atmosphere and is sometimes a safer process than obliterating the asbestos. In the event of asbestos removal, the best course of action is consulting trained professionals will ensure that risks are kept to a minimum and that all ACMs are transported and disposed of in designated waste landfill sites.

If you’d like more information about asbestos removal services or having premises surveyed, please fill out the contact form on our website, email info@chirmarn.co.uk or phone Chirmarn Asbestos Specialists at 0191 414 8000.